Vijf, zes, zeven, acht

I took Sebby to a dance class yesterday. It was breakdancing for 6-11 year olds and it was amazing…or, it would have been if he had participated. But he got scared once he saw how skilled the other students were and decided to just watch. Throughout the class I kept asking if he wanted to join in and he always shout-whispered “No!”

We were sitting on some risers and he was sitting behind and above me. He was so intimidated by the surroundings that he wouldn’t even come sit beside me. It was like he had to keep my body between him and the class in progress. Still, I could tell he was digging it. The instructor had incredible skills and Sebby was impressed. He also had an interesting manner with the students (all boys): relaxed and jokey, but tough.  When they were slacking off, he would call them a name, something like “schoomkomer“. I’m guessing it’s equivalent to “lazy bum” in English, but it could have been a bit more profane than that. It may have even been “something –kanker” a hilarious Dutch insult you should read about here. I kept saying the word in my head so I would remember to look it up when I got home, but it flew from my mind. I need to get in the habit of writing Dutch words and phrases down immediately before I forget them.

One student was new and did all the moves terribly, as you would expect. I whispered to Sebby “You see, that boy doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s trying!” Sebby was not moved by this.

On the way home afterward, he said “I’m a visual learner. I picked up a few things” and of course, once we got back to the apartment he was full of bravado, doing the “coffee-grinder” and handstands and showing off for his dad and sister.

The title of this post is a phrase we heard many times during the one hour class, meaning “five, six, seven, eight”. That’s how the dance would start. At the beginning of the class, it was just the instructor saying it, but by the end, a few of the boys were so fired up, they were shouting along with him. It was pretty adorable.

I really wish Sebby had been brave enough to join in. Maybe next time.

Here he is, full of confidence before the class:



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