Rebeca Dunn-Krahn

Our Year in Latinoamérica

From September 2018 to August 2019, a Canadian family of four lived in four different Latin American countries for fun. Our Year in Latinoamérica is a three-volume chapbook series, compiling stories from that year.

The first volume, Bugs & Cocktails, is now available for purchase!


“A modern-day My Family and Other Animals.” ~ Abby Braithwaite

From the Intro:

In September of 2018, our family of four left behind our busy but comfortable life on Vancouver Island and went to live in Latin America for a year. We wanted to learn Spanish, see the sights, and get to know the people. Partway through the year, while visiting the Amazonas region of Colombia, Sebastian, age 13, invented a new phrase in his own language. The literal translation of “Mahny boongle, mahny hoog” is, “Lots of bugs, lots of jungle”. He meant that the more bugs you can stand, the deeper into the jungle you can go, and the more cool things you will encounter, like river dolphins, tree frogs, monkeys, and hospitable villages. 

On another level, “Mahny boongle, mahny hoog” applies to all travel, and maybe to all of life. The more difficulties you can overcome, the greater will be your rewards. Our year in Latinoamérica, with three months each in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, was a constant stream of boongles/hardships and hoogs/gifts. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. 

With writing by Rebeca Dunn-Krahn and illustrations by Soph Dunn-Krahn (@theyoungforest)

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Bugs & Cocktails is a publication of the Lit Kit Collective.

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